About Us

In the wonderfull total green island of Samos,we produce with much love since 2000 pure products without using chemicals and pesticides and at the same time we support the local producers and local products unique for their quality and taste.

The only fertilizer that we use is from our goats, our donkey aris,our hens and our geese,who feed them from our fields.These methods increase the produce and the profit but they offer high quality products.

We are from the first producers in greece in the production of base oils like balsam oil,echinacea oil,calendula oil,ivy oil and many more which you can find in our e-shop and many other categories such as spoon sweets and jams,herbs ,soaps,olive,oil,essential oils,vine growers,capers,kritamo etc Always with respect in nature we are here to make the difference!!

* Wholesale call: 6938664736 & 6907316410